I am an Ambassador and a Connector. I have written a small part of the story, PROVIDENCE FOR A FIRST MOM and it was published by Progressive Rising Phoenix Press. I believe I started training for my mission as a young child, “a social butterfly”, you might say!

At 16, I chose to protect the life of my unborn child. I had no idea I was to begin a journey about love. Just love. Running away to the Marines made sense at 18. I found the love of my life. I can now look back and see so many of the of the pivotal moments and experiences in my life were lessons in love and were part of my mission. From releasing my baby girl for adoption, to bootcamp, to the bedside of strangers and loved ones.

I bring a unique perspective, according to a friend of mine, who happens to be the Director of a brilliant military documentary, No Greater Love. I am a Woman of Faith, a Woman Marine Veteran, Wife of a Marine Veteran and a Registered Nurse. I am honored to participate in a grassroots movement to change the way we care for our veterans. I believe it will change how we care about each other. The solution to a better tomorrow lies at being better able to connect today. 


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