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One Touch Awakening gives pillows and pillowcases away!

We are spreading the timely message:

One Touch from God is greater than all the world can offer.

Everyone sleeps, Everyone needs hope.

When our minds are finally quiet and we surrender to sleep, God can restore and refresh us because our hearts are fully awake to hear and receive. Our One Touch Pillowcases, One Touch Snuggle Pillows, and One Touch blankets and mosquito nets have a 3-fold purpose:

“There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends”

John 15:13

Chaplain Justin David Roberts, is stationed in Germany with his family. However, he conceals a struggle with depression and PTSD, due to his previous deployment in Afghanistan. He contemplates what kind of father and husband he could be without

these issues. Seeking a solution, Justin returns home to the states and reconnects with soldiers from his unit. The 101st Airborne Division, 2/327th Infantry Battalion, betterknown as “No Slack”, has a proud history.


No Slack, participated in World War II and Vietnam. Also, as the eyes of our nation watched, they escorted the “Little Rock Nine” to school during the height of the Civil Rights era. Even with this inspirational heritage, the unit and Justin were not

prepared for the challenges awaiting them in this mountainous terrain. The battalion arrived in Kunar Province, Afghanistan, which is notorious for fundamentalist abuse and guerrilla warfare. Shortly after arrival, a successful suicide bombing attack was carried out by a fourteen year­old girl. This was only the beginning of the horrors; No Slack would lose ten lives within the first few months.


In order to change their defensive position, the unit initiates Operation Strong Eagle. Due to the impassible nature of the terrain, the Taliban has their stronghold at the other end of a valley. Strong Eagle’s objective had been attempted by Soviet Russia unsuccessfully. The generations of experience the Taliban possessed made this target nearly impossible. They are aware that capturing the valley is ambitious. No Slack faces positive and negative emotional extremes: Captain Kevin Mott, after being shot in the head, survives a fall ten stories down a mountain, a U.S. fighter plane mistakes a target and drops a bomb near the group without fatalities, and two soldiers are tragically lost. Qari Zar Rahman, the Taliban’s commander, launches attacks in retaliation of Operation Strong Eagle. As the fighting continues more lives are lost and one soldier must exhibit inhuman bravery in order to keep a promise to his mother; he must return his fallen fellow soldier and biological brother home, later returning to assume his brother’s position in the unit. Afterward, other wounded soldiers return to No Slack due

to brotherhood and an unspoken loyalty to each other. Two weeks before the scheduled return home, No Slack begins their most daunting mission to date. Operation Strong Eagle III serves as a follow­up mission attempting to take the Taliban’s new

headquarters. This is one of the largest battles fought by Americans in the war; No Slack loses six more soldiers during this operation.


While Justin and fellow No Slackers talk through the reality of their postwar lives they make a peculiar discovery. Almost all of the men that died, did so while trying to save or protect another. Through discussing their fears, pains, and triumphs the unit is

able to begin a new journey, one illuminated by the selfless acts of their comrades. The 101st Airborne Division, 2/327th Infantry Battalion, begins their most challenging missionwith a lantern lighting ceremony. All present at the event make a silent promise to each other and their fallen brothers families, that in publically sharing their painful truthsothers are encouraged to join them in their sense of kinship. The units final battle is to make sure no veteran faces the unimaginable hardship of PTSD and depression alone.



WE are a gathering for the unwanted, the heartbroken, and the dreamers. No perfect people allowed. Our motto is Love God, Love People, and Serve the City. The Water's Edge Gathering is designed to be a place where people can learn about the real Jesus, and follow him with their whole lives.




City of refuge is one of the IR-MIKLATO Ministries and serves the needs of our Veterans who by some circumstance have become homeless.   They were willing to give everything they had, the least we can do is to give them a safe encouraging place to sleep, to strengthen their bodies, calm their minds and refresh their souls.