Being a light...

Spreading light and smiling, singing "This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine", works most of the time. I often remind myself of Joshua Waters', message, "Be the light without shining it in their eyes." He is a wise, faith-filled young man that has shown me on many occasions what shining that light means to young people that may have never seen it. I know many adults that long for it, too. So many suffering.

Being a nurse for 30 plus years has afforded me many opportunities to bring a little spark into the lives of others. I pray that I have offered what has been shared with me...

Just a week ago, on Sunday, July 3rd, I had an opportunity to be a light in a way like never before. The light shone for me, too. I began to really experience what it means to be a light. Although I was well aware of what was about to transpire, the magnitude of the experience was overwhelming. The Rosa Hart Theater was pitch black. Then the lights from hundreds of cell phones began to shine. Shining for our men and women that have suffered trauma. Those who have and will return from war. For 22 of those same men and women that commit suicide every day. I knew it was coming. I was in awe but composed, but the knowledge that I was called to BE A LIGHT began to pierce my soul as the lights continued to shine across the theater and the song began to play. Being part of a chorus of over 700 patriots singing Lee Greenwood's PROUD TO BE AMERICAN opened a flood gate of light. Letting the light in so that healing could begin. As a community we know that we must now shine the light for the men and women that have served, are serving or will serve our country. I was blessed to be part of the team that presented the award winning full length film documentary, NO GREATER LOVE. The team was charged with ensuring the folks in attendance would have an experience no one could forget. We believed being there would make a difference in the way our community welcomes servicemen and women home from war. I believe the message was delivered and the healing has begun. This was just the beginning. But you can be certain, if you were there and experienced the LIGHT you were part of "History in the making." I am so grateful that I was able to be there and I accept the call to BE A LIGHT! Do you?

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