Getting my groove back...

I am not sure where it goes. My writing groove. It seems to just get lost in the day to day routine and I have trouble taking time to do the things that refill my creative tank. I loose sight of that me. I need only do small things each day to remind myself how much I love to write and share my thoughts. Why do I push it aside, I wonder...

I am grateful today for my friend, Amy Nyberg. She honored me recently by asking me to donate a copy of my book, for an auction. That request began a small series of events that she has no idea rejuvenated "my writer self". I inscribed a hard copy of my book, PROVIDENCE FOR A FIRST MOM, weeks ago and set it aside. I wanted to add some items to encourage the recipient to journal and make a nice donation for the non-profit she works with. With our busy schedules, it took several attempts to coordinate an opportunity to give her the package. I forget that it's kind of special that I am a published author...

Yesterday began a series of steps that led me to getting my groove back...a browse through Books-a-Million to get a journal, inspirational bookmark and writing instruments for the donation and while there I selected a great new book, in the genre I am writing in (semi-autobiographical). A local eclectic downtown coffee shop, STELLAR BEANS, for a light lunch, set the tone for a delightful visit and sweet reminders of why I love writing and the importance of having special women in my tribe to inspire me. By sharing our hearts we realize we have so many of the same struggles. We are not alone and we have much to say to each other to lift each other up, if we just take time to sit together and share. Choose a place that fills your spirit and friends that make you smile and spend a few minutes together. You are bound to find your groove. I did.

With gratitude.

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