Love, Trust, and Betrayal...or was it?


"They say there are two sides to every story, and somewhere in the middle lies the truth. There's no exception to this one. Impaired decisions, questionable actions, and consequences with irreversible damage destroy the lives of two young teens." Amanda M. Thrasher

This new Young Adult novel written by my friend and publisher, Amanda M. Thrasher, hit so close to home!

I had the privilege of receiving an advanced copy during our recent participation in the Texas Library Association Conference in San Antonio. I settled in on Saturday to start it and was overcome with the similarities in some of my experiences. I have done an enormous amount of "work" to forgive my self for my actions and subsequent consequences in my life and the effects it had on so many others. Despite all of the "work", the book stirred some painful memories & emotion I did not even know I was still carrying. To process that & be able to let it go has been an unexpected gift. Being a teen in 1978 may seem far different than today, but our young people are facing the very same issues WITH the added "benefit" of SOCIAL MEDIA. I can say, I was blessed not to endure that. I did, however identify with so many other aspects of the story. BITTER BETRAYAL offers a powerful, insightful, and honest view of what it means to experience that first love, place your trust in someone completely, and then feel betrayed. When the chips are down, was it a mutual decision? Were we even capable of making such an enormous decision? Who gets to decide? Who pays the price? Parents and teens should make this part of their Summer Reading List! It will spark conversations between adults and pave the way for some frank discussion with their teens about tough, but very timely issues.

BITTER BETRAYAL is available where most books are sold.

What an honor it is to be part of such a unique publishing company. Progressive Rising Phoenix Press

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