Goldilocks. A recurring theme.

It's a familiar story. GOLDILOCKS & The Three Bears is about a little girl that has to try everything out to see if it fits, tastes good or is soft enough. For those close to me, they have heard me say, there's another GOLDILOCKS moment! I seem to relate to our little Goldilocks on so many levels. She wanders, seemingly aimlessly, through the neighborhood, just to find a place to rest. She stumbles into a place she believes will provide comfort. She tries the porridge on the table, first one too hot, next too cold and finally, a bowl that was just right. I experienced this with frozen bananas. My eldest daughter recommended I put them straight into the freezer, in the skin, to use in my smoothies. The directions were simple. She said, "Mom, it's great. Fill a glass with warm water and put the whole frozen banana, peeling & all, in there for a couple of minutes." The expected outcome was that the banana would slip right on out of the skin, but be frozen enough to be "ice" for the smoothie. Well, the first attempt did not go well. I guess I got in a hurry, because that skin would not come off, neat and tidy like I had hoped. I grabbed the next banana and let it sit just a few minutes longer. Uh oh. Slimy, squishy banana. Pitched it in the trash. I thought, "I must get this right. Its a terrific idea, I have so many to use!" I love bananas, but sorta green, so once they get speckly, I was just throwing them in the freezer. I had to figure out how to get the perfect banana for my shake. Third try, like the porridge, it was "just right!"

How often do you find that you choose a chair to sit in, an item of clothing to wear, or any of the choices you make in a day, to find that the first choice was too big or was too much? Do you find yourself attempting to rectify the situation, only to find you went overboard and now it's too small or not enough? How do you feel when you feel like you have got it? Finally it was just right? Are you hard on yourself because you took more than one try? Don't be. Be patient with yourself. Some of us just need to try it out a time or two to get it right. NO BIG DEAL. I sit in the BIG chair, the kid's chair and finally find the perfect, "little" lady chair. I change my outfit a time or two (or three) to find just the right one! I seem to stop short or go overboard in situations every day. It may be too soft, too hard, too sweet, too sour, too salty, too spicy. It may be too high, too low, too hot, too cold, too thick, too thin, too big, too small. Don't despair. Goldilocks found a warm bowl of porridge, a comfortable chair to sit in at the table and a comfortable bed to take her nap. She hung in there, "trying things on for size" and in the end, even found a friendly family of bears to call her friends. Sometimes not getting it right the first time gives us experience & insight into what another has dealt with. I hope you will continue to try things out before deciding that it won't gentle with yourself. Little Goldilocks really did know what she was doing...she has certainly been a great inspiration for me. Xo

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