Rising Up...

Rising Up.

I found myself in a professional situation that required ALL of my energy. Not just 8-5. I had nothing left at the end of the day. I learned brand new things that were so foreign to me. I have been a nurse since 1985, so if I ever questioned about being at the bedside "at my age" I really now know the answer now. Nursing PEOPLE is my calling. In my most recent endeavor, I learned the expectations were not the same for me and the other folks. Perhaps they were not clear from the beginning. My health was suffering greatly. A super-bug infection and one Lupus flare after another, gastritis and misery. My loved ones now tell me they saw it coming. When I questioned why they didn’t say something? they said, “you had to figure it out for yourself.” At 55, I still thought I need to please everyone. Nope. I only need to please GOD and myself. Those that are in my tribe will support what ever I feel I need to do. Sometimes to my detriment. Thats how we learn. I have no regrets that I had the experience, only that I am playing catch-up with life. I am finding my smile and true self. I was in there, but buried beneath so much turmoil. This morning while browsing at Books-A-Million, I had a Divine appointment I did not schedule! I ran into a precious young nurse that cared for Krista in the hospital. I shared with her the wisdom of caring for herself and her young family . I cautioned her not to put “work” first. So many nurses are, by nature, CO-DEPENDENT, PEOPLE-PLEASING beings. I have been truly blessed with an opportunity for reflection and rejuvenation. I am putting my health first and want to return to the bedside. All while honoring my body and my soul. I had a Divine glimpse into what His plan may be. My job is to BE STILL and l know that God will handle the details. I cherish the new friends and the peek into another realm in the world. I bring some very fond memories and some perhaps not so fond, but like every experience, they are part of the journey. I believe I was “on a Divine assignment” and the assignment was complete. Unlike times in the past, when things did not work out, I got the message before I got knocked in the head by a cinderblock! God is going to get us where He needs us. When we fall down, like a toddler learning to walk, we must RISE UP and complete the journey down the sidewalk. If we don’t have the falling down, how can we learn to get back up? I am grateful for the experience.


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