His first day of school...

Opening the large manilla envelope is always exciting! My dad often sends interesting newspaper clippings about classmates or the current state of affairs in my hometown, Norfolk, Virginia. He has been thoroughly enjoying working on his ancestry, so I was really expecting something about one of our newly found distant relatives. I was delightfully surprised to discover the photograph was of him! It was taken in 1937, when he was just 5 1/2 years old. It was taken on his first day of school. That was 80 years ago! So many things have changed since then, but moms & dads are still getting that first day of school photograph. It truly warmed my heart to read about his perseverance in getting the photograph to the local paper in his home town. He was determined to share a bit of history with the folks that might still be there. He even named several of his little classmates. My dad is one of the most gentle, thoughtful, kind and loving men that I have ever known and I am truly blessed to be his daughter. My heart fills with gratitude when I think about the legacy my dad will leave for my grandchildren. His fondness for finding those family connections that he wants to share with us is a priceless treasure...

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