This is ME.

The story of P.T. Barnum, THE GREATEST SHOWMAN, brought smiles to my heart. I am from a time when going to the circus was a grand adventure. I have even been to the circus in a BIG STRIPED TENT! The sights, the sounds, the magnificence of the excitement all around. We seem to have forgotten the delight that is found is living in the simplest moments. The songs, the dances, the sparkles, the laughter, and the light. The circus brings true entertainment that fuels our imagination. I ran away to the circus, in my youth. I dreamed of it. That is me, riding high atop the elephant. Feathers and beads adorning my costume. Waving, beaming with pride. Feeling graceful, despite the enormous creature that gently carries me so that I can share my sparkle with the crowd. Their beaming smiles radiate deep within and kindle the flame in my soul. My wish is that they find the joy that I have found in the experience.

What do YOU imagine?

The movie brought so many beautiful lessons. We must treasure the moments, see the goodness in life, and find the best in each other.

I am grateful that I could run away to the circus, once again, and hope you will, too.

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