Stan, the friendly fisherman.

My SS (Soul Sister, aka BFF) and I headed to Calcasieu Point in Lake Charles today. We did not plan on going, it just happened. The best kind of outing! We embraced the blessing of a beautiful day off from work. I have had my fishing license for a month or so and I even have a new pink pole. Bernie, ( my SS), was ecstatic when I said that I wanted to go crabbing & fishing. She did not pause, instead she flurried about town running errands and made it happen. She got her fishing license, bait, twine and a net. She rinsed out coolers and gathered the tackle box. Taking in the bright, blue sky and scenery along the 15 minute drive, we were reminded to be in the present, leaving our worries behind.

Stan was crabbing & fishing on the pier, minding his own business. During our inquiry about his catch, Stan happily showed us his lot. He saved the impromptu adventure when our bait just floated on top of the water. He most generously added some weight to our strings and hooks. He patiently shared fishing wisdom with us with a beautiful smile.

We may not have brought home any fish to grill or crabmeat to savor, but more importantly, we made a new friend. We found sunshine and "sea" air, fellowship and fun in an unexpected place.

today, he

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